Monday, April 26, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops - for two reasons. Should have been Elder Andersen and there wasn't space enough to type in enough candles. We have just started our second week - CES training - and all I want to do now is sit down with CES teachers for about four hours a day and learn. At the end of the day we were directed to two scriptures - D&C 31:3-6 and D&C 97:8. These were a beautiful gift to me and I'm sure that this week - even just this day - will have a lifelong effect on how I study the scriptures. Actually, those last two sentences should have been two paragraphs.

We had a great weekend at home with family and friends (and really good food). Tonight we're meeting and old missionary companion of Jack's for dinner. I should have mentioned that yesterday we had lunch at home and then were too tired to go get something to eat (the cafeteria was closed) so we had Sun Chips (thanks Bruce and Debbie) and cashews for dinner.

This all seems so meaningless - it's not about Jamaica.Maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow. We LOVE you all.

Friday, April 23, 2010

MTC week one.

Friday has arrived and we are aclimated to 6:00 am arising...not an easy adjustment to structure. But in all fairness it has certainly been worth it. The spirit at the MTC is wondeful to behold. The diversity among the young Elders and Sisters is just heartwarming and they are all committed to spreading the Gospel throughout the world. The returned missionaries that lead our training and discussions from Preach My Gospel have all been extremely good in their presentations and knowledge of the discussions. We have had at least two meals daily with Elder Oldroyd from our ward and that has been fun. He will depart on Monday so today is the last day we will spend with the Tahaitian Elders. We have really enjoyed interacting with them. There are 18 couples going to various places throughout the world and we are all excited about our various callings. As seniors we get to go home on weekends and we are looking forward to our weekend with family.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Evening April 18, 2010

Tonight we were set apart by our Stake President Dennis Phillips. He was accompanied by President Duffy. In addition to our family we invited our former Stake President James Bekker and Delsie, President Crosby our former first counselor to President Bekker along with his wife Carol, Bishop Clark Lowder and first counselor Mike Muir along with Marsha and Jan. Fran was set apart first and received a wonderful blessing part of which let her know of a calling to assist the children. I was then set apart and received many blessings also one of which was to share testimony and be involved with the brethern who hold the Priesthood. Tomorrow morning we will arrive at the MTC in Provo, Utah and get training and counsel for our next 18 month assignment.

April 18, 2010 - Last Sunday before MTC

Today we had a very special Sacrament meeting on humility and agency followed by our Priesthood meeting on Prayer. This is our last Sunday before entering the MTC tomorrow morning. We are very excited about this opportunity to serve and miracles never cease to happen i.e. I actually set up this blog today which is the miracle. (technologically challenged). The Humanatarian couple in Jamaica (E/S Shaefermeyer) shared their blog with us and we certainly appreciate their helping give us the vision of utilizing the blog along with other advice. We will be meeting them the first week in May. We are looking forward to the MTC experience and being able to meet with Elder Oldroyd from our ward as this is his last week there before departing to Tahaiti. Tonight at 8 pm we will be set apart for our mission and officially become
Elder and Sister Andersen. Fran wants to pen a few words so I will sign off now. Jack.

I think this may be one of those times that a good cry would relieve the tension and clear my
head for what really needs to be done. Like making the decision of what would be the right/most comfortable/coolest thing to wear on one's first day at the MTC. I have often said that any trip is ruined by having to pack. Try doing that for one trip to an ultra-conservative, meeting oriented , two week stay 50 minutes away from home and at the same time another trip quite a bit further away from home with a year and a half duration in a very laid back, hot and humid climate with no clue as to your living conditions or job description. Then factor in all
the other "stuff". Can you see the Martha coming out in me? I think she's been maligned.

I am, however, very grateful for this assignment and feel quite confident that it is going to be the adventure of a lifetime. I know the Lord can make us equal to whatever it is he has in mind for us.. I'm just realizing that after we're set apart tonight we will BE missionaries and not just thinking about it.

We're off to Angie's for dinner and a birthday celebration for Andrew who Really Does Not Want us to go and then home for the setting apart.