Friday, April 23, 2010

MTC week one.

Friday has arrived and we are aclimated to 6:00 am arising...not an easy adjustment to structure. But in all fairness it has certainly been worth it. The spirit at the MTC is wondeful to behold. The diversity among the young Elders and Sisters is just heartwarming and they are all committed to spreading the Gospel throughout the world. The returned missionaries that lead our training and discussions from Preach My Gospel have all been extremely good in their presentations and knowledge of the discussions. We have had at least two meals daily with Elder Oldroyd from our ward and that has been fun. He will depart on Monday so today is the last day we will spend with the Tahaitian Elders. We have really enjoyed interacting with them. There are 18 couples going to various places throughout the world and we are all excited about our various callings. As seniors we get to go home on weekends and we are looking forward to our weekend with family.

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