Saturday, August 14, 2010

Neighborhood update 2

Just reviewed the blog and discovered it has been  a month since I reported on the neighboorhood walks. In the past month I have walked several times with James Chambers but only a couple times with Caspian Burton. When I met Caspain he said he and his wife Darcea were friends with a missionary couple sometime ago.  I asked our landlady who that couple was and she said the Srtiebels from Canada. Jackie (our landlady) gave me their email address and I contacted them and told that I had served my mission in Canada and was looking for any information about the neighbors they knew.  In response they advised that Caspian and Darcea Burton's grandson had been baptized into our church about 5 years ago. I have tried subsequently to get to meet him (Roger Burton) but have not been successful yet - but will as he is in the age group for institute. Another coincidence is that Brother Stribel and I were serving in the Wesrtern Canadian Mission at the same time 1959 & 1960. Small world. 

Now on to others we have become friendly with.  Marlin is a landscaper that lives on the walking route, accross the road I met Janet Ramsey who is Audrey's employer (Audrey is one of the ladies I meet walking to work in the morning that I gave a Book of Mormon to). Mrs Ramsey and I had a nice conversaton as she was working with the flowers in her yard and I found out that she also has a Book of Mormon and has welcomed me to bring Fran up to meet her. In addition have met 3 other families.

A couple weeks ago I saw Elder Heegan (the pentacostal minister) on his front porch. It was Monday morning so I asked him what his sermon was about yesterday.  He reponded it was about the Savior and repentance before the Savior comes again.  I told him we both agreed on the sermon and that some other things needed to happen also, that being the gathering of the ten tribes and the restoration of the church due to apostacy.  I really enjoy talking with him as he is such a genteel spirit.  Then on last Monday he was out in the yard so I stopped and visited again and told him about the Book of Mormon that it is a history of the peoples in north and south America fromm 600 BC to 400 AD. I also told him that the Savior had visited those people after his resurrection and acension and it contained the record of that event, to which he replied 'Oh it is another recored of Jesus Christ" - to which I affirmed him that he was correct.  He has agreed to accept a copy of the Book of Mormon and I will be delivering that this coming week.

 Then as luck would have it I met Mr Wilson out fixing his driveway gate.  That came about as he had his 4 passenger golf cart parked there and I suggested we should be playing golf instead of him working on his gate.  We talked for a few minutes and he said he is a member of the Manchester Club and we would go together. He is not going to be available uttil the week of the 23rd  so we will go then and I am sure I will meet more people to talk about the gospel then. About a month ago I did go to the Manchester Club which is the golf course in Mandeville. It was built in 1865 and has been in contiuous operation since.  Part of the rock wall that borders the road is still in tact.  Our chapel property actually borders the golf course.  Since it is a private course I went to ask if I could play there or not.  I met Janice who manages the counter and she said yes I could come as a guest.  I got the prices for green fees, club rental from her, and she also advised I would need a caddy and gave me the price for him. Caddy fees one thousand dollars Jamaican.  That is $11.50 US dollars. Not bad to have someone who knows the course and will carry your clubs for you.  I have played twice since then (first caddy Stanley and second caddy Affiele).  Janice told me she knew our church bordered the course and she likes Christians.  When it came time to pay her she gave me half price of what she had quoted.  A very nice lady.

Just a closing note and that is Fran and I have been busy with the PEF firesides and will have presented it in every branch in Jamaica by the end of September.  The goal was to complete every fireside during the month of July. But then this is Jamaica and No Problem Mon.... Next Saturday we will attend a one day training session for alll seminary and institute teachers in Jamaica and then prepare to assist as the school year begins. On the reconciliation for the Cash Not Applied fund I have now located 40% and hopefully will wrap up that project by the end of September or October.

 Finally I have to report that I am now adjusted to the mission. I did not know what to expect as a Sr missionary couple and the transition to life in Jamaica was tough but I am now settled in and am going to just enjoy the mission experience.  Fran is smarter than me and she adjusted much faster.  Mentally I reflect often on President Hinkley who was always very positive and forward looking in his attitude and then the great talk by Elder Witrhlin "Come what may and love it". We miss and love all of you.   Jack.  a.k.a. Elder Andersen

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