Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's been a while....

I just noticed our last posting was August 17th.  There is a reason....On August 8th I (Elder Andersen) was stricken with unbearable pain in the right side where my gall bladder used to be.  We did seek medical care in Mandeville (Dr. Singh) and after 2 weeks and consuming both prescriptions the pain and discomfort did not disappiate so in counsel with the Caribbean area doctor we were advised to return to Utah for medical treatment.  We did so on August 30th and have been successful in discovery and treatment (no life threatening diseases thankfully) so we will be returning to Jamaica on Thursday October 14th to resume/complete our year that is left. We were able to be fully functional with our duties right up until we left for Utah. On August 21st we participated in a one day training for all seminary/institute teachers who came to Mandeville from all parts of the island ,as well as getting seminary and institute classes in one branch where none was being held, along with getting two more teachers called to fill out the program in two other branches.  On the 28th we travelled to Sav and Negril to deliver manuals and Fran presented a PEF fireside in Sav while I performed my first branch financial audit, then to church on Sunday and out to Salt Lake on Monday.  As we reviewed the past 4 months we were able to present the PEF materials to 27 potential new students for higher education and actually had 5 that completed the application process, were approved and started school in September. We do have a deep appreciation for home, our family and all our friends. It has been a bit of heaven on earth and the weather has been perfect.  I had forgotten how it felt to wear long sleeve shirts, sweaters and suits. Now back to the warm moist climate and the wondeful Jamaicans. Jack.

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