Saturday, November 6, 2010

random thoughts on clothing care and more important things

Lest any of you think I have somehow gotten a life and lost my obsession with clothing care, fear not; that has not happened.  It has rained every day but one since we returned to Jamaica which, of course, means a lot of taking down and rehanging.  However, the latest is so much more serious. 

As you know our original dresser was "replaced" and for some #%&*@@#$ reason the insides of the "new" dresser had been stained.  Go figure. 

Last weekend we had classes in Sav/Negril so I got out a pair of shorts I use as a swimsuit cover-up and noticed a big dark stain on the back.  Didn't really analyse but couldn't get it out.  Soon discovered that almost everything in those drawers had the same stains.  Now I am catching on so I called my son-in-law Randy for his advise (Sherwin-Williams paint pro).  He suggested I try paint thinner. 

I totally saturated the stains and that worked wonders - thanks Randy.  What we now have, however, is a large pile of clothes that reek of paint thinner.  Two washings later we are ready to leave for MoBay where we have classes.  Hoping Sister Sorenson  (our hostess, another Sr. missionary) had a dryer we took that pile with us - in plastic bags, in the trunk.  Our car now reeks  of paint thinner (better than spoiled milk) and we went to a laundromat because we didn't feel like we could do that to Sis. Sorenson.  (Turns out she doesn't have a dryer anyway.  Ten dollars and twenty minutes later we had that problem solved, or closely thereto.  Now if I could just find a can of rust remover.  I know you can get it in Cayman.

The more important things are the things we are here for.  I find myself "Book of Mormon" caring that these, our Jamaican brothers and sisters, have the richness, the fullness, the fatness that we so abundantly experience with our temples, our chapels, and friends and neighbors and teachers.  I have often felt that "Oh, that I were an angel" feeling .

We have been visiting seminary and institute classes and doing some inservice lessons.  Those are really great and rewarding experiences.  We have been somewhat instrumental in getting a couple of those classes started so that is very satisfying.  It feels good to be teaching a lesson now and then. 

We were in MoBay, overnite and when we arrived home it was chilly.  Now it is bordering on cold.- partly because it is fast Saturday/Sunday.  Nice sensation though. 

I must let you know that Mollie and Tony and Anthony welcomed Carter Michael last Saturday, 30 Oct.  He has a lot of black hair and a very cute face.  They are doing well - mostly. 

Sorry I have no pics to enliven this rather dull posting but I am having a hard time restarting.  I will be looking for worthy subjects.

I did forget to tell you that Jack left his Dopp kit in MoBay so we will be making that six hour trip again Monday.  At least we should be able to have lunch this time. 

Love and miss you all.


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  1. Dear Fran, My husband accidentally deleted an e-mail from the senior missionaries, Brother and Sister Smith, in the Ocho Rios Mission. Could you please get a message to them from Doug and Beckie Tolbert ( to please re-send their message. We met them while vacationing there a few weeks ago. Thank you so much for your help.