Thursday, December 23, 2010


Dearest Family and Friends,

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we will be thinking of all of you.  We will be celebrating with all of the missionaries here on the island.  We will drive into Kingston to the Constant Spring (that is singular, NOT plural as almost everyone calls it) Branch for fun and food.  Sister Hendricks has been alsolutely adament that there be no basketball, hoping to prove to the elders that it is possible to celebrate something, however significant, without a basketball in one's hands.  She loves basketball as much as the next guy (girl) except maybe the elders. 

Our feelings have been tender not so much because it is Christmas but because we do miss you and are so grateful for all you do for us.  And Jack has had a discouraging couple of weeks questioning our effectiveness.  I, of course, know we are turning Jamaica on it's ear as evidenced by the piano lesson photo on his last post.  That was a volunteer thing for me but I was rather dreading it;  what the heck do I know about teaching piano?  It is so much fun and I have at least two other men who want to start next Sunday.
Five Browns look out for the Mandeville Branch piano ensemble.

Christmas Day the sister missionaries (we have two on the island and we are lucky enough to have them here in Mandeville for awhile) will be here to call their families and have dinner with us.  And I hope to be able to inform you on my next post that Elder Andersen successfully  made and baked Parkerhouse rolls for our feast.  He has wanted to make/bake bread for years and will now pull that rabbit out of the hat/oven.

This photo was taken at Strawberry Hill, the sight of one of the old Great Houses, and is now a hotel/ restaurant.  Spectacularly beautiful and that was a lovely day.

We have both admitted that it is a real blessing that it just
does't seem like Christmas; therefore, we aren't thinking
 about Christmas and missing Christmas.  House cleaning
and baking and running into Kingston on a Friday are just
things you do in December.  What is wierd is trying to
decide between a white linen or a cotton print skirt to
weat to the party.  I've about decided on the white linen.

Along with the picture of us I also wanted to include a
couple of signs of the times which I hope to make a regular
feature of in this irregular blog.

There is a second installment  to this if I can get Jack to stop when we pass it.  We don't know if anyone does actually get caught but would you want that Meter Monster  breathing down your back?
Evidently ther has been some confusion.

Despite my levity, I do want you all to know that I am so grateful for our Saviorl, Jesus Christ and his miraculous birth, his mission to this earth and his willing, selfless sacrifice for all of us.  I am committed to consecrating this time of service to him hoping, at the end, to feel that I know him and have helped others to have a desire to know him. 

Please pray for these beautiful people, especially those stalwart members of the church who have such a desire for the church to be strong for their posterity and are carrying heavy burdens to make that a reality.

We love you and miss you and pray for you.  Frannie

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