Monday, July 12, 2010

Neighborhood update

As you know I walk 5 mornings per week and have met 23 regulars in along the route I take.  Last Monday I ran into (I call of them  brother) brother Casey again he is one of the school teachers and he said he would come by next week so we can talk. I had put a copy of an article from the April 2006 Ensign in my pocket in case I ran into Brother Burton as I wanted to give it to him.  The title is "Your Book is a True Book" by Ann Cue. (Who ever reads this blog entry I would suggest you go to and get a copy as it is my favorite article on the Book of Mormon) So I gave the article to Brother Casey and I'm anxious to talk with him again.  Then while coming home a gentleman was waiting at our place and I introduced myself and asked his name and he told me we had met the week before did I not remember him? When he told me where he lived then I remembered his name was Chambers and he said yes James Chambers. He was out for his walk so I told him we should walk together someday.  Well on Wednesday morning I was suprised as he was waiting in front of his home to walk. We had a good visit and he is another retired school teacher a widower with two children that preceded his wife in death.  He also has a  Book of Mormon from a set of Sr missionaries that were her a few years ago. With him discussing the loss of his wife it naturally led into a plan of salvation discussion.  Sister Andersen and I were then leaving for Montego Bay on Thrusday morning so I told him I would not be out again until Monday.  I was a little disappointed this morning as he was not out but know he will join me again.  I also told him we needed to get Brother Burton to join us. He is the Methodist Minister and also has a Book of Mormon.  As mentioned in an earlier blog Sister Andersen had prayed that I might meet some home owners who were well educated that could be leaders and since that morning we now have met 4 school teachers, one school administrator and one man who owns a construction company. We are just friendshiping them and getting in some gospel discussion as we can.  Also a couple weeks ago we were in Kingston for meetings three different days so I was not out walking.  The first morning back on the beat I ran into the two ladies I have given Book of Mormon's to and told them I had been in Kingston so right away they ask what I had brought them (not an uncommon request to us especially the children) so I told them I had not purchased a gift but it they would tell me when they have completed reading the Book of Mormon I would them bring them a gift.  Perhaps they will or perhaps they won't but I thought it might be a good motivator.  Another thought just crossed my mind and that was an experience in the grocery store in Mandeville.  As Fran and I approached the dairy case a clerk was there stocking a shelf and I said "how are you?" and she responded with the typical Jamaican answer "oh I'm alright" and I said how about when I ask you you say MAGNIFICIENT. So we tried it and she answered Magnificient so I asked her again and she said MAGNIFICIENT and I said now how do you feel and she lighted up and and said "that lifts you" which I thought was interesting and fun. Well Fran is out doing the dishes so I must close and go dry and put them away so til next time enjoy your environment - whether you know it or not your environment is wonderful
Jack. We miss all of you.


  1. was the clerk stalking the shelves or stocking the shelves? Cuz it makes a difference. :-)

  2. I'm now picturing a guy hunched over staring at a shelf in the grocery store, just waiting for it to make a move. Crazy grocery store stalkers. Thanks for the chuckle Angela June!

  3. Well, it is fun to read your blog and keep up with your goings on down there. I keep being impressed with your optimism. It looks like it is going to pay off, however. You seem to be meeting some pretty good prospects for the leadership you are looking for. Some of them will likely work out.
    We miss you on the course, Jack. Friday we were at Ogden, where we concentrated on practicing the Jack Anderson 8 iron putt. Jim is pretty good at it and I am learning…slowly of course. I think Jim needs a little help from you in tutoring me so that he won’t get too discouraged.
    Your technique for helping people to feel better (magnificent) is a good one. I have encouraged other people to use it and I have done it for years myself. I wake up every morning and look over at Marilyn and wonder how I got to be so lucky. And I look out the window and the lovely garden that she has planned, and again I think “How did I get to be so lucky?” and I look up at those magnificent mountains and again I think, “How did I get to be so lucky?” Of course it is easy for me since life has been so good for me. But you are obviously a better psychologist than I was.
    We spent 5 days at Jackson with all our kids and grandkids and had a great time, hiking, floating the river, canoeing, playing games and just enjoying each others’ company. We have done this for quite a few years and our family seems to really like it. The first year Scott told me afterward that on their way home Karma had said to him “Isn’t this great. We spent five days cooped up together in the same house and we all still really like each other.” Obviously not all families are that lucky. But my luck is still holding.
    Fran, your secret is out. No writing block! You write very well and very interestingly. Great descriptions of the landscape, your activities and the people you meet, like the young couple and Presidents Lee and Grant. Of course we already know that because you are so fun to talk with… colorful and interesting. I think you just don’t like to take the time to write. Talking is so much faster.
    It would be nice to come visit you and see some of the people and places you write about. But given the heat and humidity I don’t think I want to stay for a long time. I continue to be impressed with the way you make it good and laugh at some of the tough times.
    We are remembering you in our prayers. Best, Elwin

  4. So glad someone is still using my article, Your Book is a True Book. Every time I tell my story I repeat that experience.
    Ann Cue