Thursday, July 22, 2010

Water Water everywhere except in the tap!!!

On Wednesday we had a zone conference in Savannah la Mar that started at 10 am and lasted until 3:30 pm. It was a very good meeting with President Hendricks and Sister Hendricks speaking and introducing a new approach in teaching "the doctrine of Christ".  It was a long meeting and concluded with a testimony meeting of the departing Elders of which there were 5.  Met Elder Trumpet who just arrived. His home is Toronto, Canada so we asked him if he knew Elders Marlow and Diehl and he gor excited to know they are from our home ward.  It was a fun connection.  Now to water.

On Tuesday afternoon we came home and no water.  Fran was upset and left a message on the landlady's cell phone, then went over to her apartment and no response.  We needed to shower at 6 am Wed in order to drive to the conference some 2 hours away.  Finally she came over and announced that no one in the neighborhood had water.  It seems as though when there is an exceptional amount of rain that the water company cannot treat the water fast enough so they turn it off.  We both had plans of how we would get clean the next morning and foutunately the water was on and we got our showers.

We arrived at the chapel in Sav and you guessed it.  No water. 5 1/2 hr meeting and no water. Well we were very apprehensive about whether or not we would have water when we returned home.  Right- no water. Dishes are piling up and we have a PEF fireside scheduled for Thursday afternoon so are hopeful we will have water then.  I came home from my walk at 8 am and we had water so I took advantage and showered. Then we got the dishes done and Fran decided (unfortunately) to do some other house work before she showered. 

We have been counseled to have water storage because we are in  the hurricane season.  We have several gallon jugs full as well as a 5 gallon jug for drinking.  Today we started using it.  Fran in the shower and Jack with the open bottle (cold) pouring it on her head as directed.  Actually it is a proven fact that one can take a whole shower with washing one's hair and rinsing out the creame rinse, soap and rinse on 2 gallons of cold water.  This is really a green beret mission and Jamaica. 

We do not know what tomorrow will bring but we hope and pray for WATER.



  1. Fran and no water? DISASTER! I will NOT shower until I know you two have H2O.

  2. I have been thinking that Marilyn and I should volunteer for a stint in your mission for two purposes (in addition to being of service). (1) It would be, or at least could be seen as being, an adventure. (2) Perhaps it would toughen us up, provided we survived.

    And I confess that I guess I am not as good a friend as runsuerun since I am not vowing to avoid showering until you get water. On the other hand, it is not my mission.

    I am looking for a disc of the old Sons of the Pioneers song "Cool Water" to send you.

    God bless you in your uncleanness. Elwin

  3. OK...I'm sorry but I laughed out loud while sitting here by myself reading the most recent "roughing it" episode. Jack, you have a gift for creating visuals with words! Leave it to Fran to have to clean the house first. You just never know when the Prophet will pop in.

    And, speaking of Elwin's recommendation of the song "Cool Water" mother was in glee club in high school. They sang this song at a concert. Mom's part was the echo part: "Water, water." Someone from the audience called out, "Will someone please get her some water!" She never sang another note. 55 years later and we can't even get her to sing "Happy Birthday."

    Here's a deep water thought before I sign off:
    “Man—despite his artistic pretensions, his sophistication, and his many accomplishments—owes his existence to a six inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.” Unknown Author


    P.S.: Alan Rogers and I are the new Gospel Essentials teachers. Should be entertaining!