Saturday, March 5, 2011


I must add one more conversation to the last post which was several hours ago.  We have just come from the baptism of 10 year old Chemieka.  You could tell as she was going into the water that she was freightened and as soon as she was standing next to Pres. Powell she started to cry. Nobody could reassure her.  One of the sister missionaries started to go but Sister Powell said to her "No, don't go".  First her mother went back but that didn't seem to help.  Next Sister Powell went and Chemieka went back into the water.

After the meeting I said to Chemieka, "I understand your fear.  When I was baptized I worried so much about going under the water but I didn't tell anyone".  Sister Powell overheard me and then pulled me aside.  "I played a little trick on her.  I went back and said to her, ' you love Presiden Powell.  If he let you drown while you were under the water the police would come and take him away and shoot him' - and off she went into the water'."  Whatever it takes, I guess.


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