Saturday, March 5, 2011

random conversations, etc.

This blog is proudly brought to you by Pepsi - unofficial owner and sponsor of Jamaica.
Some are hard to see but by clicking on the picture you can enlarge it.

There is a whole wealth of these all over the island.  Every parish has it's "Welcome to (insert parish of your choice here) .  Yesterday several of the senior sisters went down to the Kingston Craft Market.  On the way was a double size sign  with the rotating slats but I didn't have my camera.  It was in Old Kingston (read -
 site of the Dudas War) and nobody was willing to go back so I could get a picture.

Just a quick insert here of a couple other missed pics.  Last Saturday early morning coming down from MoBay a small group of women washing their cloths in the river.  I so hope we can catch that photo op another time.  The other was today on the way home from Kingston (in Porus - my favorite) we passed a man on my side of the car (he was extremely close).  I saw that he didn't have a shirt on (nothing unusual) but as soon as we were past Jack said "That guy was completey naked".  I asked him (Jack) to turn around but he wouldn't.

Now on to a random conversation which I got second hand so this is to the best of my rememberance.
Our two local elders went into a cook shop.

Elder M:  Do you have Coke here:
Cook shop lady:  Yes...but we call it Pepsi.
Elder M.  Well, which is it Coke or Pepsi.
Csl: They're both the same.  It's Coke - we just call it Pepsi.
EM:  They're not the same Coke is Coke and Pepsi is Pepsi.
Csl.  Ours is Coke but we call it Pepsi.

The next random conversation took place when I was trying to explain time signatures for music to three of my piano students.  I was not at all sure anybody actually understood so I said "If, at any point, you don't completely understand something here stop me and I will try to think of a better way to explain it".  Very softly Sister T. said, "Why don't you explain the better way first?".  Bless her heart.  I don't know why.

Jack stopped to talk to Caspian Burton on his walk one day last week.  He asked  Brother Burton (the Methodist Minister) if he had read the Book of Mormon he had received from the previous senior missionary couple (Elder/Sister Striebel)  He man replied in his melodic Jamaican voice  "No, it has such a flimsy cover.  It's hard to handle it when it has such a flimsy cover.  It would be nice if it had a nice hard cover and was bigger print. Jack:  Well, we give these away so that is why we have the soft covers. He said "well it is such a flimsy cover and it would be nice to have a hard cover if it wouldn't be too much of a drain on the church's resources.  Yesterday we were in Kingston at the Mission office and were able to pick up a hard cover albeit it has small print but we will be presenting it to him this week. That

Our weather is very nearly perfect but it's been very dry so we really should be praying for rain.  We did have a little bit yesterday.  We actually have loved our last two or three trips to the beach and hope we get one or two more before it gets hot. That was designed to create a likkle (Jamspeak) envy.  Did it work?

We've had dinner (I should say feasts) twice in members homes.  They treat us so graciously and the food really is delicious.  We both have had curry goat - a specialy here - and I quite enjoyed it.  Too many bones for Jack.

I also have another first to report.  I DROVE part of the way between Negril and MoBay and, most importantly, all the way through Lucea which is crowded with people on very narrow streets.  Jack was shouting instructions and praying at the same time.  I felt it was good for him to have the perspective from my side of the car.

We miss you all so much.  We have our own time markers and play head games to make the time left seem less.  Which is not to say that we are not enjoying even when we are not sure we are affecting or effecting, I'm not sure (I'm not actually sure either one of those is a valid choice ).  We love you and thank Heavenly Father for each one of you who have touched our lives.  As my grandmother used to say - so long.



  1. Why in the world would you want to take a picture of a naked man on a bike in Jamaica? You two been hittin da ganja a bit too much man!

  2. You think the Coke/Pepsi story is funny...well the Brits think that Coke is against the Word of Wisdom, mind it doesn't say that anywhere in the scriptures but when I was in Wales, I went into Woolworth's to buy a Coke. The cashier looked at me and said, "You're Mormon, you don't drink Coke." I tried my best to explain the W of W but to no avail. It felt like she was staring straight through my soul!!!!

  3. I am new to this not ask me how it happend but I find myself here on your adventures you are having. My son is heading to Jamaica next week and we are so excited for him and he can't wait :) I have to laugh at Josh's comment, I am also a Brit and its true I was shocked when I served my mission in CA and members drank Coke, but I did mend my ways and of course when in Rome....drink diet Coke.haha

    May you be blessed and maybe your path with cross with my first missionary, Elder Clark.

    Sue Clark - Random Cyber Stalker :)