Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fran here with a commentary on the palace.  But first a note on the Soul Flex cafe.  Was recommended by a girl in the Shell station.  Notice the sign says sandwiches, fries, pizza?  Not so much - at least not yet.  The dining room was lovely but the menu was fried chicken, curry chicken, brown fish soup, curry goat, some kind of stew and some kind of pea soup.  We told the waitress we'd be back for an evening meal but we just wanted a sandwich for lunch.  Burger King. 

Now for the house tour.  1.  The back entrance which is really the only entrance because the front entrance is barracaded with the grill work and locked.  2.  This was taken from across the street.  That house is IMMACULATE and Grant must get discouraged when he takes a look around the neighborhood.  Actually there are mostly nice and well kept houses in this neighborhood.  But it is a little deceptive of our palace.  When, if ever , this is finished it will probably be lovely.  There are hundreds of huge homes all over Jamaica just like this one.  Waiting to be finished.  At least they have these three apartments done.  Ours is the only one occupied at the present.  3.  The view across the valley.  We will go exploring soon and answer the burning question - what is the huge house across the way?  4.  Laundry/storage porch.  5.  Looking through the grill work on the front porch.  6.  Kitchen and I fixed my first meal there tonight.  As you already know - taco salad - sort of.  Dang good, too, even if the chips were $6.00 + u.s.  At this rate we should be able to continue to eat regular meals well into July.  7.  Master bedroom which is not ours yet.  The Schaefermeyers are looking for an apartment in Kingston but it is very expensive and takes time to find something acceptable.  8.  An eliminated picture of the master bath, but that's OK because it doesn't have an electrical outlet so we probably won't be using it much.  9. Third bedroom/office.  10.  Our present bathroom.  My biggest house fear was having to live with an old dark, mouldy bathroom , but as you can see (thru the clutter) it is new, nice tile and bright.  11.  Our Closet - two stacks of Humanitarian school kits boxes with a broom handle rod.  12.  Our Dresser.  It gets a little jumbled but thank heaven for a good iron and ironing board.  13.  My bed/organizing table.  I just empty it to sleep in and repile the next morning.  It works.

I also took pictures of the "grounds" but Jack was a little frustrated with having to post all the pics he did so  a virtual yard tour will be coming. 

We love and miss you all.  Please love each other.  Frannie

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