Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday - Church at the Junction Branch by Jack

Young Women of the Junction Branch with Sister Andersen.
This morning we needed to be in Junction at 9 am. It is a 45 min drive and with Church at 10 am we packed a lunch and headed out. (what a different lifestyle to pack a lunch as you head out into the country to church) The members that are active are very dedicated and faithful under less that ideal circumstance.  There are 3 adult males active and they comprise the Branch Presidency.  President Collins is the branch president and is very sincerely concerned about the branch members.  He has been Branch President less than one year and his first counselor Brother Ruben Powell has been a member since March, 2010 and has a strong and sincere testimony of the gospel. (He is a first cousin to Colin Powell of USA fame and resembles him greatly.) Second counselor is Brother Gayle.  The Jamaican saints are warm and friendly.  Their circumstance for church attendance is challenging at best.  Bro. Powell owns the only working auto in the branch and it is a fairly large van.  He picks up several of the branch members including President Collins and his family. The meetings are held in an office building with 3 large rooms in a line.  The envionment is not very conducive for church as the windows look out on the steet and people are coming and going outside right in front of the chapel and the penecostal church right next door (about 10 feet between them) has a bend and music flows right into Gospel Doctrine Class. Fran attended Primary and I went to Gospel Doctrine & P H Meeting. About 8:30 am the Branch President called me out of the meeting Fran & I were having with  potential semianry student and told me he had a problem and didn't know if I could help him or not. I asked him what it was and he said Sister Wilson needed a ride and she lived about 2 miles away. So we headed out to pick her up and talked and talked and I said are we close yet and he said we are almost there.  Well we picked up Sister Wilson a delightful sister that joined the church in the 80"s, smartly dressed and brought her to church.  As it turned out it was about 6 miles out and we got back right at 10.  Then when the counselor announced the Sacrament Meeting program I realized what the problem was.  Sister Wilson was the main speaker. It would have been a problem if she had not been there. I will add a couple pictures from the Branch and sign off. 

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  1. Fran! Jilly gave me your address so I will write, but how fun that you have a blog. I hope you and Jack get the hang of the photos because I love to see them. And if you go to your settings you can each have a sign in so it will say Fran or Jack at the end. Greg and I just moved back to Holladay and plan on a mission in 4 or 5 years - I'll see if you have fun first!