Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a difference a week makes

Well last week at this time we were at the Bone's residence (for the sake of everyone Jack writing) and now we are in Mandeville having our first Saturday with Fran doing the wash. We were on our own for the first time to drive into town..  The Shafermeyer's went to Kingston this morning to look for a new apartment to move to.  We ventured into Mandeville for lunch at (you guessed it) KFC.  I wanted a knife to cut my chicken so when I went to the counter to ask for it the customer service rep said "wait a minute". Then she returned and handed me a Crocodile Dundee "Now thats a knife" knife.  It was one from the kitchen and not a little plastic one like in the states.  We then picked up some business cards for Bro. Tomlin.  Sister Shafermeyer has been schooling him in setting up and running a business (She was the Mayor of North Salt Lake before coming out in March).  Last Thursday was her 4th session and we taught it together.  He will get his very first business cards tomorrow at church.  Then at 4 pm we met the Shafermeyers in May Pen and went to Brother Weir's home to help him with the PEF computer generated reports.  On the way home we stopped and picked up som Jerk Pork and brought home.  It was very good but a bid dry as sometimes it is cooked for a long time before someone purchased it.  I will get it again and am anxious to try the Jerk Chicken.  Since we are having chickent tomorrow for Mother's day and I had KFC for lunch I am delaying the chicken experience.  Got my first REAL chuck hole today. You have to continually dodge them but one snuck up on me and boom....lucky I did not blow a tire.  Received a call from Bro. Brown today and he is back from the DR (Dominican Republic) and wants us in his office in Kingston on Monday morning at 10 am.  I am anxious to finally get to meet him and get our official assignment and get started.  Cheers and happy Mothers day to all who read this.

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