Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So its Tuesday already - Jack speaking

Wow - time flies we have now been here 4 months going on 9 days........ enough said.  Sunday was a wonderful experience in the Mandeville Branch.  We were welcomed with open arms (literally for Fran as several sisters insisted on a "hug" vs handshake.)  We were asked to bear our testimonies and 2 sisters talked. One is Jackie our landlady.  There was one confirmation of a young married couple and Priesthood was taught by one of the counselors to the Quorum President.  The Branch President's wife plays the piano and bless her heart she has one chord for the left hand and extracts the melody with the right hand. The windows on the chapel are all open with fans going and the penecostal church down the road has its church bell ringing and singing that is shared with us. 
On Saturday we received a call from our CES supervisor Kevin Brown. He had been in the DR all week and asked if we could come into Kingston on Monday to meet him and get our assignment.  So some more experience driving by myself in the city.  I am getting the hang of it and everyone is extremely polite in letting you in.  We do have about 30 kilometers of toll highway and that is expecially nice considering the other narrow, winding, pot hole covered roads we travel.  Without the GPS I would be limited to our apartment only.  No street signs, directional arrows, one way arrows etc etc. (just a side note my internet provider signal went out and is now back on)  a way of life. 
Now our assignment.  Contact all the Seminary/Institute age members (active or not) and encourage enrollment in S&I in September.  We are to hold a fireside monthly to introduce the PEF program and try to get more young people interested in getting a college education.  We need to contact and interview every student on the Island enrolled in PEF and resolve any payment issued.  There are 2 individuals (one in each district) called to that activity but still we need to work with them and do the actual interview as they are both employed and have limited time. Fran want me to post a bunch of pictures so I will do that after this note from me.  Last info for today is that we went into Mandeville (approx 10 min drive) and had lunch and did a little shopping for food and office supplies.  We visited 3 grocery stores to get some hamburger for taco salad (maybe taco salad is not such a good idea in Jamaica as there is no taco seasoning and refried beans) but also no  hamburger (called minced beef) today.  Then we also looked for lettuce in all three stores but to no avial however, at the 3rd store a farmer was out front selling his lettuce.  I bought all 7 heads which together would equal maybe if you stretched it one head of iceberg.  Total time to accomplish that was almost 4 hours.  No one gets excited and life is very laid back mon. 

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