Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random thoughts

Clothes hanging activity - hang out.  Take down, it's raining.  Sun's out - rehang.  Raining again - take down.  Sun's out - rehang.  Rain - take down and hang on laundry porch.  Sun's out - rehang only towels.  Downpour - towels are soaked - bring them in, rerinse and start hanging underwear over dining chairs with fan blowing.  This takes time because there are only six chairs.  As I move underwear onto chairs space is made for towels on porch.  Next day hang towels out in sunshine when we return from Kingston.  Sun (not actually sun - just not rain) lasts about an hour.  Take towels down and hang back on porch.  Humidity is about 99% so it may be some time before we have towels.  Lesson learned - don't wash all the towels at the same time. 

Two frights on Tuesday.  Went into town (Mandeville)  and Jack went into a store to get a parking ticket. Just as I was getting into the car there was a clap of thunder that was literally heart stopping.  It was absolutely terrifying - completely out of the blue - no lightening, no "rumblings" beforehand - just one deafening crash.

Nexxt heart stopper - I'm sitting at my desk in the evening when I see something dark fly past.  I assume moth and then look down to see a tiny lizard sitting on my lap.  That little devil is now somewhere in this house which makes me shake out my shoes before I put them on.

On the way into Kingston today the elders started pointing out cashew trees to me.  I don't think I actually identified one - we were going too fast - but I now know where to look. 

I used to dread the drive thru Porus (a very poor town on the way to K.) but I realized there is a lot going on there and I now look forward to watching for the plastic-bags-for-shoes-man and the kids going to school at all hours of the day.  The elders said today that there are eight rivers that meet underground at Porus.

Today, for the first time, I really enjoyed the scenery coming down into Porus.

Two days ago on our walk two different people said hi to us before we greeted them.  So cool.

Just praying that I don't gain 20 pounds trying to satisfy those cravings for things we can't get here (or can't afford if we can get them).  I might consider commiting a crime to obtain a package of Costco snow peas or some really good crusty bread or a burger from Stella. 

The hardest thing to go without is sociality - boy do we miss you all.  Strangely enough we aren't homesick - just a little tired of our somewhat  dull routine.  Please be mindful and take care of each other.  We love you.

Sister Andersen or Frannie to you all.


  1. This doesn't sound so great! I can empathize with the drying of the clothes... that is annoying! Love the lizard story!!! You've got to send pictures of the plastic-bag-shoes...I would love my spoiled kids to see that. We are headed to Green River this weekend - camping @ Ken & Linda's watermelon farm... maybe I shouldn't have said "watermelon" :) We are excited to have lots of fun... Try to stay busy...haha! Love you & miss you - especially Sunday evening around 6:00pm.

  2. Mama,
    If there were a lizard in my house, I'd pack up and move. YIKES. I am quite positive that someday Anthony will come home with one in his pocket. And... how can you call your routine dull? That laundry take down/hang up day sounds like it was a lot of fun ;) Love you! Miss You!

  3. Frances,
    Your "dullness" brings a smile. How I wish for the simplicity of what you are doing. We are now experiencing spring weather finally. It's beautiful here...but we seem to be too busy to enjoy it all. My iris and peonies are popping open...most of which are from your garden on Parkview. So, know that your legacy lives on!
    I will think of you next time I crab about getting my laundry done with a nice, big dryer.
    You can keep the lizard, though. Eeek. My boys would LOVE chasing that thing around the house. Shall I send them down to exterminate?
    My email is Maybe Jack can email me some pictures sometime so I can post them in Primary.
    May your undies dry ever so quickly,