Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fran here. Just some impressions.  I was before now so looking forward to the experience of driving all over the island.  Now I'm terrorized.  I would be hard pressed to explain.  Being on the wrong side of  the road is just the beginning - it's driving so close to the edge that you can hear the people  that you pass breathing.  And they are everywhere.  No one seems the least bit cautious or concerned.  I had visions of stitching after I had become completely  familiar with the landscape.  (Insert a big belly laugh here.)  The roads are so rough that you are exhausted from the ride.  Jack is a wild man with the speed and his daring passing moves and then back in again.  He is reliving his simulated Pan American Road Races of his youth.   Jerk meat has some heat but good flavor and is rather dry.  Bought some at a roadside stand (one that has a good reputation).  Amazing how one sets aside one's squeamishness when you know you are a servant of the Lord and are serving people who are living in the most humble circumstances.  Met Bro. and Sis. Weir in their home and accepted pineapple and a drink of naseberry, pineapple peelings and papaya all blended together and strained.  Interesting.  Even Jack had a little.  The people are so unbelieveably friendly.  The poverty would never be detected by how people dress    - they all take great care  and look very clean.  The almost daily rain is so welcome even the mugginess.  I will never be able to wrap my head around the way everything is just left to crumble and  decay.  Maybe it's the heat, maybe the hopelessness, probably both. 

I am shockingly unconcerned about the fact that we don't yet have the next 18 months nailed down in writing. 
That's not me but I would guess that won't be the last thing that is going to surprize me about myself. 

The Weir's adorable, magazine beautiful grandsons happy to impress me with their broken Transformer and the 8 year old's "backtism picture".  Loved it.  I'm too sticky to sit here any longer

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  1. Jack and Fran- Looooove the blog! I am excited to follow your adventures. You both make me, I know that after a long day of answering Parker's questions I can come here and enjoy some adult conversation. I hope that these blog entries from you both can be saved and published! What a hoot!
    We sang songs to the mothers in Primary on Sunday -- there are few things more sweet than that. I thought of you, Fran -- however, holidays do seem to just blend into the calendar in the mission field. -- but Happy Mother's Day anyway1
    Landon is 6 today and so I am in charge of the festivities. He is so thrilled with being THE MAN today!
    The gospel is true! Love you both -- Anita