Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Fast Sunday in Mandeville Branch, Jamica

To those of you reading this who have the blessing of attending an air conditioned fully functioning ward be grateful.  We do have a small chapel in which to meet however, there is no airconditioning, only ceiling fans and electricity that surges from power to no power which makes the microphone come on and off at random. with that said,  it was a wonderful meeting.  A former branch president was there today and was invited up to share his testimony.  He has lost the lower half of his left leg. He talked about the struggles and opposition but expressed his gratitude to the Lord and his testimony of the gospel. It was very touching.  He was followed by brother Wilkinson who has only one arm.  He shared that he lost his arm just before his 12th birthday and what a struggle it has been and how he felt empthay for his brother without a leg.  He is a tall stately man and has such a wonderful happy spirit and radiated the love he has for his brothers and sisters in the gospel.  He introducted himself to me the first Sunday we attended the branch and was happy to tell me he is the Sunday School President.  It is very challenging for these brothers and sisters to even attend church.  Most have to pay a taxi service to  get them to and from and many are not employed and have very little money. Is spite of those challenges many remain strong in their testimony of the restored gospel.  Fran & I had to leave right after fast meeting and drive one hour and fifteen min. to Spanish Town to attend a committe meeting for YSA.  We will be very much involved with assisting in registration and some other arrangements for August 7th.  Once again the cost for each person is equal to $35.00 U.S . for an overnighter and meals but there are many who simply cannot come up with that much money for the activity.  These are institute age 18-30 year olds. We hope miracles happen and that many can and will attend. Tomorrow we head out at 7 am for Montego Bay to meet with the branch president then on to Lucea to meet Elder Russell who is serving as branch president then on to Negril to meet with that branch president and in those travels we are to connect with the branch president of Sav-La-Mar.  We are following up on  making sure seminary and institute teachers are in place for orientation in July. Unfortunately there is an emotional toll that goes with serving in an area of have nots. The church is only 30 years old in Jamaica and  we have some insight as to the challenges of the early  church.  We love the Jamaicans as they are a warm and friendly people and the children especially want to just be around you. We are hopeful to make some kind of a contribution for the future of the church in these branches.  We are fine and missing all of you.  Jack

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  1. Dear Brother and Sister Anderson,

    My daughter, Danielle Israelsen, was recently called to serve in the Jamaica Kingston mission and will be entering the MTC on August 3rd. My mother is close friends with Boyd and Doris Peterson and Jan Ward who are in your home ward in Utah and told me that you were serving in Jamaica. We wondered if we could ask you a few questions regarding some of the items we need to send with her. Is it possible to e-mail you? My e-mail address is: She is so thrilled about her call and is anxious to begin her mission. We look forward to hearing from you. - Dana Israelsen