Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Month in Jamaica

The picture that follows is in downtown Mandeville.  The foot traffic and the auto traffic and parking is all shared in the same space. When we go into town we have to weave through the people and it is a miracle no one gets hurt but the system seems to work.  Last Saturday and Sunday we had District Conference.  The Saturday afernoon session was held in the Mandeville Chapel. Total attendance 27, then on Sunday the second session of conference was held in May Pen which is about 30 min drive for us.  There was a nice turn out.   We had around 200 total.  No airconditioning, numerous ceiling fans blowing hot air around and all windows open.  Last time I attended church in those circumstances was when I was growing up in Thatcher, Utah and we didn't have airconditioning nor fans.  I survived then and we will survive now.  The Saints are wonderful and exteremely friendly.  It is a challenge for members to attend who live in the outlying branches.  The branch from Junction rented a bus but only 20 members could come due to costs. Most families had one or two but could not afford for all to come.  It is a shame because the spiritual food is missed by so many.
Fran & I will attend a planning meeting this Sunday for YSA which will occur in August.  Once again this is a challenge for the youth due to being able to afford to attend.  Many will just miss out.  I have been extremely busy working on a Perpetual Education Fund account for the application of student payments.  Fran has been extremely busy sorting, organizing and studying our manuals for the up coming Seminary/Institute Orientation in July.  Then in August we will have a full day training with the teachers.  We are working with the District President to get teachers for each branch called and ready.  Also we are waiting for the schedule from the District President to present the PEF firesides.  We are healthy (Fran makes me walk 5 days a week for 45 min or so) and happy and trying to make a contribution.  YOU'VE GOT MAIL... yes today we received our first letter from the ward and were thrilled.  Thanks a million to one of my favorite people - Rachel Felt. What a sweetheart to think of us. Life is good.  Love to all.  Jack.

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