Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Experience

I think one should write when something good happens instead of late Sunday evening when you are too tired.  Today at 4:00 pm we were to give our second PEF fireside. This time in the Junction Branch which is about 45 min from Mandeville.  We arrived at 3:50 just in time to get set up and then went directly onto Jamaican Time.  Fortunately just as we were leaving Fran said I need to go back and get my stitching just in case.....well at 4:30 the branch president and two members interested in just knowing about the program but not in the age group to qualify, were the only ones there.  Three members that are interested in the program and would like to persue additional education were the reason we were there.  Well at 4:;45 we went ahead with the opening song an prayer then like magic the first of the three walked in followed within 5 minutes by the other two.  What looked like a long trip and a presentation to interested but not qualifiied suddenly became the presentation we set out to give.  The three potential students are just exactly those that President Hinkley was talking about when he announced the PEF program.  It is such an honor for Fran and I to be part of that program and see somewhat the vision he had for the third world youth.  We came home elated to have made that presentation and  present the work book and dvd to get them started on the planning for success portion. Let's hope they take it to the next level as they are bright and just need a chance.

Yesterday we went into Kingston to meet personally Kent Rappleye who is the Area Director for Seminary and Institute. We had an excellent luncheon meeting and reviewed our assignment..Tomorrow and Thursday we will be traveling once again into Kingston for meetings so this week is going fast.  We love the emails, letters and phone calls.  Love to all.  Jack & Fran. ...written by Jack.

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  1. Hey, Jack...I don't know if this will work, but am trying to comment on your great blog! Donna was kind enough to pass this along to me. I had hoped to call you before you scuttled out of town, but time got away from me. I wondered if you can email, at all? Beleive it or not, I have another friend serving a mission in Canada and she emails me all the time. So, if so, please let me know. My email address is johnsonterry_deedee@msn.com. I love your pics of Jamaica, by the way. Beautiful people...adults, children and animals, alike. I hope you and Fran are having great and fulfilling days. Best regards, always, DeeDee