Sunday, June 13, 2010

Musings in no particular order - Fran

Wonderful purchase this week.  I have a new treadmill which is set up on the laundry porch.  This adorable little sprite who lives next door (2 yrs. old) stood outside the gate Saturday morning and just watched me running for most of the time I was on.  Her brother, David, came out and sat on the cement barrier you can see in the background and I provided the entertainment.  You can just imagine how boring life is here sometimes.  Shaday finally ramped up her courage and ventured almost inside the gate.  There are also two other children inside the "compound" - our landlord's children, Rohana 6 and Michael a year and a half.  Rohana is very precocious and Michael cries mostly.  He is terrified that I might look at him and runs screaming when he sees me with the camera.

This is David and Shaday, obviously standing in front of the corn patch.  Saturday I would have sworn we were in Kansas.  When the wind is rustling through the corn it sounds like a heavy rainstorm.  I must include Casey in this dialogue about the children.  She lives next door, is about 6 also but has been grounded for several days.  Nobody knows what for..  Will include pics of Rohana and Michael later.

A too short haircut is too short for a very long time.
Never encourage an elder to tell you the "complicated" story of his love life.
Beware of giving a ride home to anyone who admits they are "very bad with directions"
Amazing what emotions the simplest action will produce.   Yesterday afternoon the Schaefermeyers called and said they were on their way back to Kingston and would be in Mandeville about 5 - did we want to meet them for dinner.  OH YES.  We got home about 6:30 and just stood outside the gate saying good-by.  After they drove off I realized we were outside the gate after dusk and had the most euphoric feeling of freedom.  Never take for granted the simple act of walking about without fear.  AND, we are not fearful but have been counciled not to be out and about much after dark.  So we aren't/

When I was in the second grade our teacher read us a story about some Disney characters who were on a ship.  Something happened, probably a big wave, and the jam pot fell off the table and got jam all over Donald Duck's feathers.  The thought of him being all sticky actually made me cry.  Quadruple that sticky feeling and apply to your neck, elbow creases, knee creases, eyelid creases and just generally every other part of your body and you will have an idea of Jamaica living.  STICKY

LOVE the Jamaican people.  So friendly, humble, helpful, beautiful speech.

In our security briefing at the MTC one of the first things our instructor said was "YOU WILL NEVER ASSIMILATE.  DON'T FORGET THAT.  You may think you are with your peeps, but you're not".
Several days ago we were in the grocery store.  I saw a white woman and thought to myself, "what is SHE
doing here?"  I forgot.

This just came to me\
Evening breezes
cool our kneeses
and oh how that pleases. 
We love and miss you all.  Good night. 

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