Saturday, June 5, 2010

ode to a new mattress

In order to help you all fully apprciate the new I will try to describe the old.  Queen size, with a huge lump down the middle that felt like maybe a sewer pipe running the length of the bed.  I do relate now to those of you who, at some time or another, slept on the old hide-a-bed and never said a word until we were well rid of that piece of junk.  Actually, as a sofa it wasn't so bad.

OK, running the length of the bed again, only on the sides were two deep, uncrawlable-out-of valleys.  These were not just on the sides though; they were right on the brink.  The only thing to keep one from falling off the edge was the mattress piping. 

When the subject of beds had ever come up with friends or family who had served missions, Jack would always say, "If we don't have a good bed I'll buy one.  I'm not going to spend 18 months on a crummy bed."  Ours was worse than crummy.  I did forget to mention that it was as hard as the beds at Alturas before the foam pads. 

We had gone into a local furniture store, Courts, to look at a treadmill and just for fun went upstairs to see what they had in the way of mattresses.  There in shining splendor was a mattress at the amazingly low price of $21,000.00 JD.  I lay down on it and fell in love.  We couldn't quite believe the price was so low, assuming it must be another piece of junk.  We bought it anyway .  Our neighbor/landlady went along to help facilitate the purchase and delivery.  She informed us on the way home that we had purchased a much more expensive mattress that was on sale because we were getting the floor model because it was the only one left.  It is lovely.

I must tell that on the day of delivery I washed the sheets, of course, to give our new mattress a proper welcome.  Did the hangout, take down dance all day long.  But in the end I was triumphant.  Dry, clean sheets on our new, soft, bed.  Life is better and I go now to luxuriate.  Good night.  Appreciate your beds.

Love, Mom/Frannie


  1. Hysterical account of the mattress ode has given me motivation to leave my computer (11:30pm) as I prepare for Primary tomorrow and go to luxuriate in my own bed of appreciable quality. I will have a moment of silence for you now.


    P.S.: By the way, Fran, Chelsea Gaetz spoke in church last week and told a great Fran girls camp story. It was a classic. I will email the details.

  2. 21,000 JD? Must be a great exchange rate, as 21,000 AD would be a matress that better clean my house for me daily. Gotta tell you the funniest Anthony story... maybe I'll post it my blog.
    Love You! Miss You!