Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some pictures of taken during the week

As mentioned in my last note I meet several neighbors on my walk.  I have included a picture of a scene I see every Mon, Wed & Friday.  It is of Dawn and Audrey walking to work.  Last Monday I did give Audrey her copy of the Book of Mormon.  Dawn is on the left.  

Last Monday morning in our prayers Fran prayed that I might meet some home owners who might be future priesthood holders and have leadership skills. Well on Monday I meet Caspian Burton a retired high school principal and Methodist Minister.  He has a Book of Mormon already and I quote "yes I have one of those, it is a lovely book, we use the King James Bible". I assured him that we also use the King James version of the Bible.  On Tuesday  as I completed my walk I had not seen as I call him Brother Burton so I went back as far as his house to see if he was out but to no avail.  However, on my way back home another gentleman came out to the street and I introduced myself to him.  His name is Mr. Casey an elememtary school teacher. We talked for about 10 min before he had to catch his taxi.  He also has a Book of Mormon and said we would talk later.  I hope we connect again.  He is from Trinidad Tabago.  On Wednesday I introduced myself to another home owner who was out planting shrubs in front of his fence.  I said I am Elder Andersen and he said I am Elder Heegan. I asked if he was Methodist or Presbyterian but he said Penecostal.  We chatted a few minutes then I  continuted on my walk and met Brother Burton again so we visited about 10 min.  On Thursday I met Mr. Bell who is a contractor in Cayman but has his home just up the hill from us. We had a nice visit and I am sure we will be connecting again.  It was nice to meet some more of the home owners.  The Jamaican people are very warm and friendly and easy to talk with.  

Almost everyday when I walk there is this dog wandering around the neighborhood.  She has been out nearly every day.  This day she had her pup with her for the first time and fortunately I had my camera so here is the picture.  . 

We had a busy week.  On Tuesday we went into Kingston to get our shopping done.  We go to PriceSmart which is a store like Costco.   We were close to the US Embasy that afternoon and did not know that the wanted  drug lord was on his way to turn himself in to be extradited to the USA.  The drug war seems to have basically  come to a conclusion and hopefully there will be no more killing. We are safe and have experienced no problems and Christopher Dudus is in New York with the Fed's looking after him.

I am still very busy reconciling the PEF account but am happy about the progress.  I now have received communications back from about 1/3 of the students and feel happy about that.  While most of them have email addresses many of them have to go  to an internet cafe to use a computer as they cannot afford one.

This all might be boring but it gives me a record of some of the experiences we are having. Oh yes how could I forget.  We found a good - yes a good hamburger in Mandeville at the Bird of Paradise Cafe.  We were there on Saturday and since our direct supervisor Kevin Brown from Kingston and his supervisor Kent Rappleye from the Dominican Republic will be here at our home tomorrow to visit with us we will venture in again for lunch.  Hires is it not but we are not complaining.

Thank goodness for Vonage.  We enjoy talking with many of you and if you want to chat our number is a local Salt Lake number 801-413-2953.. If you call us and we are home we will tell you we will call right back as ther is no charge for us to call out. We are on Central Time Zone. Utah plus one hour.

Enough for now.


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  1. Just don't let Franny trim your hair. I had crooked bangs most of my childhood. Just kidding, Mama. I keep forgetting to tell you that Lynn Mills keeps asking if there is way to contact you, and I keep putting him off... Do you really want him to have this phone #? At least 5 am here is a little later there! Love you and Miss you!