Friday, June 11, 2010

Lunch June 10th at Treasure Beach

On Thursday we needed to take a deposit to Hampton School in Melvern for the YSA conference to be held August 7th & 8th. Fran & I will be involved in helping with the conference.
Brother and Sister Treavor Weir accompanied us and suggested we have lunch at Jack Sprat's on the beach.

We sat outside and even though it was very hot a nice breeze was blowing off he water and we had a nice time.  Fran had shrimp in coconut milk and a taste of the Weir's conch soup.  As you would expect Klondike Jack had pizza as fish is not an item on his personal menu.

As you can see the ambience was ( I had down very nice, but Fran said no don't write very nice write something better)  so the setting was very romantic and exotic. - Frans words.

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